My name is Todd Harvey. Welcome to my home page and thank you for stopping by! First of all, I have to apologize, as the title for this site is a little misleading. It would be be more accurate to call this page "Monologues by Todd", but that just didn't have the same ring! My apologies to Neale Donald Walsch, author of "Conversations With God". In any event, it is my hope that the following reflections will be interesting and maybe even helpful to whomever stumbles by. I welcome anyone to contact me, no matter what position you may have regarding these issues, as long as you do so in sincerity and respect. There are SO many people from my time in the UC that I would love to get in touch with again!

    Below I have listed subjects of discussion along with a brief description. Some are directed specifically to UC members, and may not make much sense to those who were never a member. Others are more general in nature. Just click on anything you want to see and it will appear on your screen.

My experience in the UC  In 1995 I had the opportunity to share my experience in the UC with a group of students in a "New Religions" class at Carleton College. For this page I have added a few anecdotes for color.

Heavens Gate  An opinion piece I submitted to the Minneapolis newspaper shortly after the Heavens Gate tragedy.

Revolution 3  A bit of whimsy inspired by the Beatles song "Revolution"

Eight Reasons I Got Out of the UC  A follow up to my first talk delving further into my reasons for leaving.

Faith, Alphas, and the Finger  Speculations on the origin of religion, obedience, and attitudes towards sex

A Mothers Lament  A real mother's heart for a daughter in a cult

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Choo-Choo-Pow  Gordon Neufeld examines his experience at UC indoctrination camp Boonville in light of mind control techniques as defined by Lifton

Why I Can't Accept Fundamentalist Belief  My response to the fundamentalist

The God Question  "I don't know. I don't know if each of us has a destiny, or if were all just something accidental like floating on a breeze."

Pictures  An alphabet soup of photos - MFT, GWBB, KFB, and the gang in the New Yorker Hotel

Links  Links to interesting and related sites

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